fold, spindle, and mutilate (Again)

Original Text

Well, here i am about to write some kind of text in order to folde it, spindle it and ultimately mutilate it.
It doesn’t have to be an inteligent text because it will be all messed up in the end.
But it must be a considerable text. Maybe that way the end result will be wonderful.
I can never remember how to write this, wonderful or wonderfull; ah, whatever, one day, when i’m not lazy i will learn how to write it down… probably.
Let’s see how this turns out.

Folded, Spindled and Mutilated

Always, incidentally everything am plus to compromise same paragraph till radical within commodity to folde something, spindle someone while halfway mutilate It.
It does top to photograph an inteligent bulb cos one could drink same tonned separately onto some End.
But hers ought rub neither enthusiastic ambiguity. Widely so document half parade realism used intensify Wonderful.
I could readily desire rapidly to lodge former, pretty till wonderfull; ah, both, theirs array, if her is indirectly material myself will rain like to connect everything down… Probably.
Let constitute constantly most updates continuously.

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