… let me out of here.
Dang, i am geting way too bored here. Reading my usual daily reading to find out that the sites i usually read (geeky ones) are lately talking only about, productivity, getting things done and tweeter, facebook, and all others alike.

What are these things? I honestly don’t know, i’m not registered in any of them.

Facebook. Is it a book with my face on it?
Tweeter. Does it tweet like a bird?

Regarding the latest; why on earth do I want to share every single minute of my day with everyone else on the internet? Why do i want virtual stalkers? Is it to make me feel important, like someone famous? Heck, I’m guessing that there are people “tweeting” about things like “i’m taking a dump at the moment. It’s kinda difficult to write and relieving myself at the same time, but i’m managing fairly well!”

Don’t people have anything else more interesting to do? Like, a life to live?

Yes, i know, we all live our lives the way we want it?

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