Social Networking

What is it with this… this, fever that is coming up on the internet, for quite some time now?!? I’m talking about those things like, Twitter, Facebook, Orkut, Hi5, MySpace, etc. etc. etc.
Everywhere i go on the web i see twitter buttons, facebook buttons, digg buttons, and every day new ones appear. Is this useless social networking really useful? I mean, do you really consider those people on your facebook, or on your twitter, or whatever, your friends (Besides the ones you really know, in real life, face to face)?
I don’t want to be old-fashioned, but whatever happened to meeting at the coffee-shop with your friends? Going to the movies? A night out in groups? Good clean wholesome fun.

Sometimes, i tend to feel that i’m being left behind; all because i don’t have twitter, or facebook; dang, if my MSN-messenger account is still active it has spider-webs all over it. I only use my msn liveid to access Technet and MSDN.

Honestly, i don’t get it. IF someone can give a solid explanation for using social networking, maybe i can understand it.

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