Geek, Nerd, Abnormal…

What is this?! Suddenly almost everyone i know that wants to pass as being a “creative” person openly admits that he or she is a “geek”, or that he or she isn’t a normal person. So, for all you “geeks” or “abnormal” persons out there i present you here with my thoughts on the matter.

According to the Cambridge Online Dictionary:
a person, especially a man, who is boring and not fashionable

a person, especially a man, who is not attractive and awkward or socially embarrassing

Well, so according to this, everyone that calls himself or herself a geek is a person that is boring and not fashionable, right? You got that right, a true geek does not follow any type of fashion trend, however, in the current days, being a geek is in itself a fashion trend. Can someone see the contradictions involved?

People nowadays keep striving to be abnormal, in an attempt to be different. Well, the bad news is that, since everyone is doing exactly the same thing (boasting that one’s not normal), nobody’s being different.

Let’s face it, you’re not going to be special just by posting pictures or comic strips advertising how “abnormal” you are. You’re special just because you’re alive, because you do something that YOU want instead of doing something that others want you to do.

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