Tomorrow is friday.

No, of course it’s not friday tomorrow, but if i keep on saying it, someday it will be friday.

For a long time I have written; a lot. I would write about how I felt or about some opinion I had, or even some random gibberish; it was kind of cathartic. For some reason I’ve stopped writing my own blog or my personal notepad or anything. I don’t care what made me stop writing, I’ve simply wanted to stop, and I did.

Now I’m trying to resume my writing, and when I say “trying” I mean it. I’m not making any effort and again, I have no reason whatsoever beyond the “I feel like it”.

My days at work are becoming more and more boring. I have very little left to do, maybe I will even try to start a short novel based on my life at the company I work, alas, a highly romanticized version of it.

We’ll see how this goes.

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