Sometime last year.

I was having breakfast when a young lady asks me if she can sit in the table next to me, to which I reply: “of course”.

She seems very shy, her eyes looking down all the time brings out her book and starts reading and taking notes. The book is called “it’s all my fault”.
A couple of minutes later an older gentleman arrives with a sandwich, a glass of water and an orange juice and sits in front of her. Probably her father. She takes a sip of the orange juice and frowns her face. He promptly gets up and brings her two packets of sugar.

During all this, i am reading my book eating my breakfast when at this point i sense the sadness between them. She fetches a heart shaped plastic box filled with all kinds of pills from her purse, takes one pill and washes it down with water.

During all this time they both stay there in silence. I don’t know them or what is going on but i decide to start expanding my energy and in that instant he puts his hand on the table and she holds it. She then looked at me and said “thank you” with tears forming in her eyes.

I nodded with a smile, stood up and left them holding each other’s hand.

This was one of the most strange and yet gratifying experiences i’ve had. My day is made.

Good morning everyone, have a wonderful day.

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