On the Nature of Daylight

I want you to stop reading right now, get the song and listen to it. Only when you start listening to this music should you start reading this text.



Daylight, it’s very nature baffles me and amazes me, it brings me such joy that I feel like I’m floating in the clouds. It’s no different than it’s counterpart, darkness. They both co-exist in peaceful harmony. One could not exist without the other. You could never know what happyness is without knowing sadness as well. This is the true balance in life that I try to achieve. It’s not dull and it’s not an extreme of a roaller coaster. It’s a balance that makes me breath, it makes me feel alive. Happy and sad. Laughing and crying.

Daylight. It brings warmth to our hearts, just as darkness leads us to our dreams.

I know my darkness, I relish in it and I am looking for my Daylight. Bit by bit, I am finding it… conquering it… no… letting it in, accepting it, acknowledging it’s existence.

This music touches deep inside me, it makes me feel all kinds of feelings. It makes me cry… And crying feels good. These are not tears of sadness, neither are they of joy, they simply are.

Daylight and Darkness living inside me in harmony.