Once upon a night

In a moonless night, it wasn’t pouring rain but still the night was damp, with some drizzle. No wind and too hot for this time of night. Somewhere in the city the sound of wing flapping could be heard, probably some bats flying around in the harbour close by.

In this part of town only the stray cats and rats were about, the sound of city critters could be heard in these dark alleys. A couple of dark figures were standing near a corner, waiting impatiently for their next victim. Lowlife thugs preyed on whoever dared venture into their domain.

A lone person was coming their way. Having left late from her work she decided to walk home through this neighborhood. It was a dangerous walk, she knew, but she wasn’t scared.

When she approached that fateful corner those two big guys jumped out, one in front and the other from behind cutting of her chances of escape. With and evil grin, the one in front asked her where she was going at this time of night. He was tall with broad shoulders and becoming overweight, she could see he was blond with a scar running on the left side of the nose, just below his eye down to the top lip.

She answered with a firm voice that it was no of their business. The guy behind her drew a pocket knife and threatened to stab her.

She turned to face him and began to size him. This one was short and stubby, almost dwarfish, with a big unkept beard and big receeding hairline.

Both guys where anxious as they thought she was a very easy prey and this was their lucky night.

With lightning speed her hand grabbed the smaller guy’s hand, twisted it and he dropped the knife. He let out a scream of pain and as he fell to his knees, she hit him hard in the nose with her knees leaving him laying on the ground with a bloody nose and a broken wrist.

The oher guy stepped back in shock, while she turned to face him with a big grin in her face. It was like she was enjoying this. Truth is, adrenaline was pumping through her veins and she was running on full survival mode which left her with nerves of steel. The worst would come when the adrenaline wore off.

The blonde guy drew his own knife, a big Bowie knife that looked like it came from a Hollywood action movie and advanced slowly and carefully towards her while his mate was lying down, almost passing out from the pain.

She waited for his advance and assumed a position to strike back. She spread her legs and bent them slightly to lower her center of gravity.

Suddenly the guy fell face forward, blood oozing out of the back of his head.

Behind him stood the masked vigilante. The hero that dresses in full black and hides his true identity behind a mask to spread fear in the hearts of his enemies.

She relaxed looked him in the eyes and said:

– Took you long enough!