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Chapter One – Split up

One big light explosion occurred, everything went silent, nothing moved, time was stopped.

Something looking a lot like a red dwarf appeared in the middle of the tunnel, but it couldn’t be, she would be atomic dust by now.
It was some kind of portal, an inter-dimensional rift. From there a man in a blue suit stepped out.

“Hello Arya… Nice… to see you.. here!”. – The man seemed to have some difficulty breathing or at least talking. He made some strange pauses to breathe in the middle of his sentences.
“How? Who are you?”
“Let’s just say… I am sort of… a benefactor.”
“Wait… I’ve heard about you. You’re the one they called the G-Man”
“That… is a name… I’m not that fond of. But it will do… for now”.
“What do you want? What are you doing here?”
“It is not… important why I am here. By coming here… you have… started a chain of events that… could have… consequences.”
“So you’ve said. What consequences?”
“I am not… in the liberty of saying.”
“Figures. What now?”
“You should… know. After all.. it’s in your blood.”

And the man disappeared into the portal. “What the hell did he mean by that?” she asked into the air.

Vort looked at Arya and asked her what had just happened. She told him about the portal and the G-Man. Vort became very agitated and told Arya that he needed to leave. Arya asked him what was wrong and he explained that if the G-Man returned than surely the Freeman will return as well and who knows what else could happen.
Vort told her that he would be going to Sector C Test labs to open a portal back to his homeworld and warn the rest of his species about what was happening here. In the meantime Arya was supposed to keep going through the green line, changing later to the red line into the lower levels. She must reach the scientists camp and tell them about everything that happened.

After that the Vort dissappeared back into the side passage of the tunnel. There was an unmapped shortcut to the blue line close by.

Arya started walking slowly along the tunnel. For some strange reason it seemed that the tunnel was now noisier. She could here a lot more sounds than just the critters and rodents of before. Her mind was filled with questions. Her grandfather told her about the G-Man, about Gordon Freeman but back then it was all like a fairy tale. Now, it was all too real. It was all happening too fast for her. She wasn’t able to control the situation and she hated that.

What did the G-Man mean by “it’s in your blood”. What the hell…? What had her bllood to do with anything. The only connection to this place that she knew of was through her grandfather and he was dead.
Her grandfather kept talking to her about Gordon Freeman, how he was a big hero who, disappeared as quickly as he appeared. Why all the mistery and secrecy?

Her mother also knew Freeman, but she has never been to this place. Has she? At least her mother, Alyx, never told her about Black Mesa. Never until the day she died. Alyx never spoke much of Arya’s father. She always told her that he disappeared before she was born and never came back. But, strangely enough, she never felt abandoned. It was like he was taken away more than going away.

“Wait… somethings are starting to add up.” – Arya thought.

“Oh, Christ… Was Gordon Freeman my…?”

Another portal opened and Arya quickly hid behind a pile of rubble.Her intuition told her that danger was coming.

The portal was different this time. White light shone through the nothing stopped this time. Some strange men in body armour stepped out. They looked like soldiers, but she couldn’t quite make out from where, yet, they were human.

“Where they … Combine soldiers?”