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After seeing this and reading this i decided to go back to a subject wich i wrote about some time ago; Being a Geek. Basically i wrote about the “geek is the new chique” thing and how it confuses me.
Having come across the subject of “feminist geeks” i do have to wonder how the need to belong is so rampant on human beings. Everyone needs to belong somewhere. The hipsters need to feel they belong amongst the hipster community, the geeks with the geeks, the intellectuals with the intellectuals, and so on, and that’s all perfectly fine by me; for instance, I need to feel i belong amongst the people i love and that love me back.
The plot just “thickens” when i start seeing people trying to belong somewhere they clearly don’t like just for the sake of it being cool. I do know it’s none of my busyness what everyone else does, but come on, seriously? Grow a brain will ya?
But i’m straying from the subject.
Geek feminists, what are they? According to what I could understand, they are just feminists who happen to be geeks also (men and women). So, basically they defend equal rights for women in a technological world, predominantly male (or so many think). Even though I agree that all men and women should have the same rights and opportunites (and that goes along with duties), I don’t like to think I’m a feminist; I prefer to think myself as a “lifeist”, because i think that all life forms deserve the same respect. Obvsiously there are differences between the male and female counter-parts of the human animal, and not only physical and genetic ones. Women have different thought processes; not better nor worse, just different. Most women deal with emotions in a very different way than most men; again, not worse or better.
So, the main complaint of both Nixie Pixel and Nice Girl is that they were “mistreated” (to say the least) in an Open Source Convention. They are absolutely right to complain, if I was in their shoes, I would probably raise hell. What I honestly don’t get is the whole “geek feminist” thing. The “you’re sexualizing the conference through your attire”. WTF? What, a geek girl can’t be sensual? Can’t a women wear a sexy dress withouth being called a “slut”? What if a man geek showed up like a “sexy as hell piece of hunk”? Would he be trashed also?
I am a software engineer going on 40 who loves everything computer; I love gaming, I play online with my daughter almost every day, I love programming ever since I touched my first ZX81. People who don’t know me may call me a geek, but I don’t consider myself to be a geek and never have; the truth is, I never really cared what label people put on me.
Throughout my life I’ve seen the “geeks” raise to the status of “coolness”. The geeks I remember from my childhood where usually withdrawned persons, almost anti-social, highly inteligent but usually with low emotional intelligence (no comments on the attire as it is everyone’s personal choice). A few years ago I started seeing “geeks” opening up, having a life away the computer screens, conventions started being big social events instead of “just for the nerds”. And I honestly liked that, it’s a good change, evolution whatever you want to call it.
I mentioned that I play a lot of computer games with my daughter. Yes, it’s true, we play co-op war games, tactical games, mind games you name it. One of the things I like the most is when we’re playing a multiplayer game like Sniper Elite v2, we’re basically kicking ass and everybody start cussing for being killed to many times. That’s when I come in and say “be more respectful to a lady”; the language changes almost instantly. Everybody stays in shock for a bit. Why is it so difficult to believe that girls also play video games? And why do some gamers/geeks/whatever stamp down on girl gamers that are also pretty (basically women).

I think I’ve digressed too much. Nixie Pixel and Nice Girl: It’s good to see people like you on this boring geek world.

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