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Just a quick thing, I’m tired and can’t write that much.

My mind is slowly settling down, maybe because of the physical effort… maybe because I’m tired. Anyway, it’s a good feeling this, being able to overthink everythink and not reacting to such a huge ammount of overthinking. I create all sorts of “movies” inside my head, speculate on all possible outcomes of my actions and while previously it would leave me devastated, down, depressed, whatever you want to call it, and currently I’m just observing, noting. All these “movies” that I create, all this speculation just passes through and changes very little in me, in what I feel or what I want. I mean… yes, I still get frightened of the future, of whichever course the river may take, but not paralised and most of all, not negative. I just observe what’s going on in my mind and let it go.

It’s a feeling of balance that I haven’t had in quite a long time. I can feel my intuition and listen to it without doubts. I am going after what I want, what I need and I am doing all that I can to reach my destination. Now, all I need to do is enjoy the ride and look for what the universe is telling me.

I feel good. Sometimes lonely and yet with a deep presence keeping me company, occasionaly sad, others happy and overall… good.

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