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I am listening to the voice of Alan Watts in one of his recorded teachings. This one about meditation and how to do it. There is something about his voice that is very soothjing, I start feeling very relaxed while listening to him. I may not even be listening to what he says, or even the background music.

I am just here in the moment, listening, relaxing, typing, letting words come out of my head into the tip of my fingers. It has been such a long time since I did this, typing without care on what the final writing will be. I missed this.

In these moments I start getting in touch with my inner-self, just feeling whatever comes my way, whatever emotions may come. Never thinking much about what I feel, simply just feeling. I am relinquishing any form of control over what I feel, and letting myself be.

Usually I’m an overthinker, I tend to think about everything possible option, decision or outcome. I tend to try to see all the possible rivers of the Dao. For some people this would drive them insane, too many thing in their heads, but not for me.

either way I choose, I feel good aboiut it. Wether I’m pverthinking it or just letting go of everything, I feel good about it. It hasn’t always been so, however, I think that I have evolved into this state of being. Probably more recently rather than a long time ago. but then again, that is something that doesn’t bother me.

The importantthing is to just be and feel good abut whatever state I’m in